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Distal radius fracture management in elderly patients a literature review

Percutaneous fixation with Kirschner wires versus volar locking BMJ Figure Fig Overall flow of patients with dorsally displaced fracture of the distal radius in study of percutaneous fixation with Kirschner wires versus volar

Multicentre retrospective study comparing outcome of pinning and Literature review Manipulation and reduction of paediatric fractures of the distal Do young patients with malunited fractures of the distal radius Is there a Consensus in the Management of Distal Radial Fractures Bentham Open Prophylactic corticosteroid injection in ulnar wrist pain in Indian Journal of Orthopaedics Distal Ulna Hook Plate Fixation for Unstable Distal Ulna Fracture Healio World Journal of Clinical Cases Baishideng Publishing

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  • Figure      An unstable distal radius fracture treated with bridging external fixation  The fixation has been augmented with percutaneous pins
  • Distal Radius Fracture   Types  Symptoms  Treatment  Exercises     Medindia
  • Download figure     The Journal of Bone   Joint Surgery
  • IFSSH  amp  IFSHT Congress
  • Limits of Acceptable Reduction in Distal Radial Fractures Healio
  • Nonunion distal radius fracture   Case series of   cases with